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OUR MISSION We provide our clients with a single, reputable source for all their construction, remodeling, and repair & maintenance needs. This streamlined approach allows our customers to focus  on operating their businesses while we put our efforts toward their physical improvements. This method of operation best ensures the success of their business and ours.
OUR VISION We want to keep working with well-established, long- term clients while adding new ones, retain our people while always improving, and continue to offer superior service and an excellent finished product at a competitive price.  
OUR SUCCESS Our reputation of accurate estimating; reasonable bidding; reliable on-time performance; and exceptional level of service before, during, and after our projects forms the basis of our achievements. Our continued success will be built upon the long- standing and loyal relationships that are the majority of our business and the solid foundation on which we operate today.
The Palladion Company is a commercial remodeling and repair & maintenance business operating throughout the state of Minnesota.  We specialize in service to the restaurant industry, but work with many other customers as well.